Student Clubs

MIT Muslim Students Association

We have a small group of students made up from different ethnicities. Our aim is to get to know one another, offer services, assistance, support and advice to local and international students in terms of being a student and settling in Manukau Institute of Technology.

We provide resources and hold events when needed for knowledge and fun. We offer our friendship to all groups, Muslim students and MIT Community. Our future goal is to have a sporting team, arts and literature and Qur'an study class.

We have prayer room facilities available in E203 (South Campus) and NP101 (North Campus).

Contact us for more information.

MIT Tongan Students' Association

The MIT Tongan Association was re-established in February 2001 after a period of non-activity. The students who resurrected the Association formed objectives for the group as services and direction for their members towards the goal of graduating from MIT.

Their goals are to:

  • Bring together the Tongan student community at MIT

  • Increase their participation, attendance and commitment to school work

  • Increase the number of enrolments

  • Improve academic achievements

  • Offer services, assistance and advice to accommodate students' studies

The MIT Tongan Association run fundraisers towards the financial services of their members who may not be able to meet the costs of their textbook and stationery requirements. This financial services has conditions that are set by the Association.

Whilst these services objectives are serious in their goal, the MIT Tongan Association are also aware of the need to socialise and have a break from studies. The MIT Tongan Association attend the National Annual Conference for. The conference has sports competitions, choir competitions, speech and debate competitions, cultural dancing and guest speakers all of which the member have participated in representing MIT.

Contact us or more information.

MIT Samoan Students' Association

The MIT Samoan Students Association (MITSSA) is a group of motivated students at MIT.

Our aim is to unite Samoan students within the MIT community. MITSSA unifies Samoan students and provides services through education, social and spiritual and the unique Samoan culture.

New members are welcome.

Contact us or more information.

MIT Christian Fellowship Group

Small group meetings are held within each Faculty. The aim is to get to know other Christians on campus from all denominations, cultures and ethnicities. For friendship, support, prayer, Bible study and fun.

We meet during the following times:

North Campus

  • Mondays 12.00pm - 1.00pm in NR327

  • Wednesdays 12.00pm - 1.00pm in NR327

South Campus

  • Thursday 4.00pm - 5.00pm in E201

Visual Arts

  • Thursdays 1.00pm - 1.30pm in Z126

Contact Heather Brockett for more information.

Manukau Engineering Society

The Manukau Engineering Society (MESOC) is a group of students with an interest in engineering.

Our aim is to provide students with opportunities to socialise with others who share that interest and opportunities to further their professional development.

Contact us for more information, please email